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Introduction to Inbound Marketing: Why It’s Your New Secret Weapon

Marketing has undergone a makeover. Don’t believe us? Just look around. Gone are the days of flyers slipped into your mailings. Practically everyone has an ad blocker to stop annoying pop-ups. And data shows us that 86% of people skip television ads — so it’s not just your mother pressing “mute” at commercials. But while [...]

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Patient Feedback vs. Site Metrics: What Do Execs Prefer?

Do You Know How To Measure Your Marketing Success? Almost half of executives are unsure how to measure marketing success. According to a March 2016 survey by True North Custom, nearly 80% of US healthcare executives use website traffic as a tool to measure content marketing success. Second was time spent on website (57.1%) followed [...]

7 Key Strategies to Build Your Healthcare Brand in 2016

Optimize Your Website for Mobile Devices The average consumer checks his or her mobile device approximately 150 times a day. With more than 50% of all Internet activity currently taking place on phones and tablets it is imperative to have a website that is optimized for mobile. 7 Key Strategies to Build Your Healthcare Brand in [...]

Social Media Gaining Popularity in B2C Content Marketing

As we welcome this new month of November it becomes difficult to not acknowledge that 2013 is starting to draw its close. Every year sees many unique trends and the world of digital marketing is no exception. A survey conducted by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs found that the use of content marketing [...]

Content Marketing Drives Social Media and Sales – Are You Spending Enough?

When allocating budgets for a campaign, it’s important to notice which methods are having the most positive results. In her article, Heidi Cohen talks about the capabilities of content marketing and how to utilize it effectively. Content marketing is critical to feeding social media and driving engagement on these platforms. Further, it’s an effective tool to [...]

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