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Patient Feedback vs. Site Metrics: What Do Execs Prefer?

Do You Know How To Measure Your Marketing Success? Almost half of executives are unsure how to measure marketing success. According to a March 2016 survey by True North Custom, nearly 80% of US healthcare executives use website traffic as a tool to measure content marketing success. Second was time spent on website (57.1%) followed [...]

The Time for Social Media in Healthcare Is Now

Healthcare Brands Need To Focus On Building Their Online Presence. As digital communications become more and more integrated into our healthcare marketing, brands are more clearly beginning to recognize social media’s potential to improve the patient experience and the bottom line. Consequently, the time for active engagement is now. Social media — it’s a proven [...]

7 Key Strategies to Build Your Healthcare Brand in 2016

Optimize Your Website for Mobile Devices The average consumer checks his or her mobile device approximately 150 times a day. With more than 50% of all Internet activity currently taking place on phones and tablets it is imperative to have a website that is optimized for mobile. 7 Key Strategies to Build Your Healthcare Brand in [...]

Why Local SEO Is More Important than Ever

Optimized, top-ranking local SEO is paramount for all doctors, dentists and other healthcare brands that have a brick-and-mortar office or clinic. With mobile searches now surpassing desktop searches, it only makes sense that your business should be incorporating local SEO. Highly targeted, local SEO helps to position brands in front of the right customers at [...]

How Effective Is Your Website?

Your Website is a Vital Component of a Meaningful Online Presence. Ensuring that it is effective and up to date is key to helping your brand stand out and be found online. Redeveloping a corporate website can feel like a substantial undertaking but since your website (both desktop and mobile) is valuable to lead generation, building [...]

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Healthcare Marketing: Taking An Omnichannel Approach To Targeting Gen-X

Let's Look At How To Market To The Self-Reliant Patient. According to a new eMarketer report, “Healthcare Marketing to Generation X: Helping the ‘Self-Reliant’ Find Something to Depend Upon,” Gen-Xers are a uniquely powerful consumer group that is not to be overlooked. According to this report, Gen-Xers will become even more important to healthcare marketers [...]

Will Marketers Ever Grasp Social ROI Measurement?

Management matters: There's something missing for social media marketers There's a lot of noise in the digital world. For marketers to create, establish, build and maintain a social media presence and following, it takes a matrix of methods. There's a disconnect in measuring social ROI Nearly nine in 10 U.S. companies with 100+ employees used [...]

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10 Tips on growing client base through Facebook Advertising

Here's How You Can Use Facebook Ads To Grow Your Fan Base. The process of creating Pay Per Click (also known as PPC) Facebook Advertisements can be rather daunting due to the fact that you are not only dealing with simple keyword-targeted ads. On Google Pay Per Click for example, you simply create a list of keywords that [...]

Interview with Google and global digital mobile marketing guru

Mobile Introduces Amazing New Opportunities For Measuring Marketing Success. Google recently interviewed Kerri Smith, the Director of Mobility at iProspect,  about the importance and unique opportunity of mobile marketing. Increasingly there is a need to redefine your direct response marketing strategies for mobile in order to more accurately measure the success of mobile campaigns. Retail brands were the [...]

Consumers Choose Digital for Product Research and Purchases

And The Most Common In-Store Mobile Activity Is Comparing Prices. The method of choice for product research and purchasing is now digital channels. According to a study done by UPS, comScore and the e-tailing group in March 2014, 82% of U.S. digital buyers choose to research products from multichannel retailers on the internet. The breakdown [...]

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Majority to Access Web via Mobile Phone in Canada

Almost two-thirds of web consumers will be mobile-phone internet users by 2018 in Canada. More than half of the overall Canadian population will use the internet on their mobile phones at least monthly this year, according to eMarketer. Similarly, the U.S. will also pass the halfway mark this year, according to the latest eMarketer estimates [...]

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