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Doctors and Patients in Sync with the Help of Mobile Health Tools

Where a gap between physician and patient exists, health tools are available to bridge it. According to recent statistics released by Research Now, of all the U.S. adults currently using mobile health apps, 56.6% are sharing their tracked healthcare information with their doctors. With increasing sources of information at their fingertips, patients are turning to [...]

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Healthcare Marketing: Taking An Omnichannel Approach To Targeting Gen-X

Let's Look At How To Market To The Self-Reliant Patient. According to a new eMarketer report, “Healthcare Marketing to Generation X: Helping the ‘Self-Reliant’ Find Something to Depend Upon,” Gen-Xers are a uniquely powerful consumer group that is not to be overlooked. According to this report, Gen-Xers will become even more important to healthcare marketers [...]

10 Tips on growing client base through Facebook Advertising

Here's How You Can Use Facebook Ads To Grow Your Fan Base. The process of creating Pay Per Click (also known as PPC) Facebook Advertisements can be rather daunting due to the fact that you are not only dealing with simple keyword-targeted ads. On Google Pay Per Click for example, you simply create a list of keywords that [...]

Interview with Google and global digital mobile marketing guru

Mobile Introduces Amazing New Opportunities For Measuring Marketing Success. Google recently interviewed Kerri Smith, the Director of Mobility at iProspect,  about the importance and unique opportunity of mobile marketing. Increasingly there is a need to redefine your direct response marketing strategies for mobile in order to more accurately measure the success of mobile campaigns. Retail brands were the [...]

The Problem With Mobile Marketing?

Why Is Mobile Still Such An Underserved Part Of The Relationship Marketing Mix? “- Mobile is a far speedier way to reach consumers than other digital channels. A study conducted in New Zealand found that the average e-mail is read 48 hours after it is sent, while the average SMS is read in four minutes. [...]

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Majority to Access Web via Mobile Phone in Canada

Almost two-thirds of web consumers will be mobile-phone internet users by 2018 in Canada. More than half of the overall Canadian population will use the internet on their mobile phones at least monthly this year, according to eMarketer. Similarly, the U.S. will also pass the halfway mark this year, according to the latest eMarketer estimates [...]

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Social Media Gaining Popularity in B2C Content Marketing

As we welcome this new month of November it becomes difficult to not acknowledge that 2013 is starting to draw its close. Every year sees many unique trends and the world of digital marketing is no exception. A survey conducted by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs found that the use of content marketing [...]

Implementing Marketing Attribution

If you’ve been following our series on marketing attribution, you’ve read our Introduction, you’re familiar with the Three Benefits and you’re also aware of the Three Potential Pitfalls and how to overcome them. So now what? If we've piqued your interest and you want to implement marketing attribution, read on! You probably won't be surprised [...]

Three Potential Pitfalls of Marketing Attribution (and how to avoid them!)

By now you’ve hopefully read Introduction to Marketing Attribution as well as Three Benefits of Marketing Attribution. You may or may not have noticed, we’re pretty big fans. But what series would be complete without having a look at the other side of the coin? Our clients are wonderfully unique. We work with everyone from [...]

Three Benefits of Marketing Attribution

If you read our Introduction to Marketing Attribution, you have an idea of what it is and why it’s the next step in marketing strategy...important stuff! In this post we’ll get down to what you really want to know: what can marketing attribution do for your business? Marketing money goes where it's most effective In [...]