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Implementing Marketing Attribution

If you’ve been following our series on marketing attribution, you’ve read our Introduction, you’re familiar with the Three Benefits and you’re also aware of the Three Potential Pitfalls and how to overcome them. So now what? If we've piqued your interest and you want to implement marketing attribution, read on! You probably won't be surprised [...]

Three Potential Pitfalls of Marketing Attribution (and how to avoid them!)

By now you’ve hopefully read Introduction to Marketing Attribution as well as Three Benefits of Marketing Attribution. You may or may not have noticed, we’re pretty big fans. But what series would be complete without having a look at the other side of the coin? Our clients are wonderfully unique. We work with everyone from [...]

Three Benefits of Marketing Attribution

If you read our Introduction to Marketing Attribution, you have an idea of what it is and why it’s the next step in marketing strategy...important stuff! In this post we’ll get down to what you really want to know: what can marketing attribution do for your business? Marketing money goes where it's most effective In [...]

The Importance of Monitoring Your Business Name

Have you searched online for your business recently? Using search engines to track your business name online allows you to stay up-to-date with what your customers see when they search you, and what they might be posting online in regards to your business. It is important you remain informed through a careful review of the various [...]

Pinterest for your Business

If you run a business that depends at all on attracting a customer’s eye, whether it’s to a lush backyard designed by your landscaping business, the beachfront vista of your resort, or to the quirky, one-of-a-kind items in your boutique, the best thing you can do is stick a pin in it. A pin on [...]

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Customizing Your Desktop Web and Applications

Whitehead Agency Group is the place to go for the latest in desktop web design. Let us to bring your online business to life with rich textures and vivid designs that will have you stand out from other businesses. A successful business must have a successful web presence;your website is often the first interaction your [...]

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