Now that you’ve been hitting the gym non-stopand barely even thinking about that last pack of cigarettes you threw out a few weeks ago, it’s time to move onto phase two of your New Year’s Resolutions. Oh you didn’t think you were in the New Year’s clear already, did you? Not if you haven’t made a list of resolutions for your brand and business. Since you’re probably tired from the treadmill, here’s a few suggestions for what you can focus on to make 2012 your business’s best ever.

Help Customers and Clients Find You Anytime, Anywhere

You’d have to be crazy to not want that for your business. And why be crazy when there’s a simple way to help a huge percentage of the population find your business no matter where they are or what they’re doing? All you need is a mobile website.

A mobile website looks exactly like a desktop website, onlyscaled to perfectly fit any smart phone or tablet device, which a regular desktop website definitely isn’t. And in case you’re wondering if anyone will actually use your mobile site, let us assure you, the numbers are in.

By the year 2014, a full one billion people are expected to have mobile access to the internet. Millions upon millions already do. Of those millions, 25% of all internet users in the United States describe themselves as mobile-only. That’s 25% of all internet users who don’t regularly use a desktop or laptop computer and still need a way to find your business.

Target Customers in Your Region, City, Even Neighborhood

Search Engine Optimization isn’t anything new, and we’ve long been using SEO to help people who are in your area doing Google searches for your products and services find you. It just makes sense. What good does it do you if an Americano addict in Amsterdam is on your website when you’re a coffee shop in Buffalo? Wouldn’t you rather have potential patrons in your area finding you on Google? Don’t answer. It’s rhetorical. We know you would.

This year, we’re expecting location-based marketing to become even bigger. With social media websites like FourSquare, Google Places, and now Facebook giving people an easy way to broadcast where they are and why they’re there to their entire networks, businesses need to start cashing in on this trend.

Develop a Better Relationship with Your Customers and Clients

Even in the rush to grow your business and find new patrons, we know you never want to neglect the customers and clients you already have. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter help you connect with those customers and find out what they like, what they’d like more of, and what they’re in the market for. Social media is all about conversation, and trustus, those conversations are incredibly valuable to you.

So what’s on your resolution list for your business? Let us know!

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