The word “millennials” has been a hot button topic in the media over the past year. Not only does the 18 to 35 year-old demographic come in great numbers, they also have a great online presence. Millennials have taken to the digital stage to do more than pay their bills and connect with friends and family. Today many millennials shop, collect information, review services and network digitally.

If you’re supposing this can affect the on-going success of your business, you would be supposing correctly. The digital accessibility of your business will greatly influence who finds it and how, as well as who doesn’t find it and why. There are many different ways to stay connected to Canada’s millennials by becoming familiar with their digital practices.

The Importance of Social Media

Having online presence means more than just having a successful website. Businesses should also have active social media accounts in order to stay relevant in the millennial psyche. Millennials make up about 7.2 million Canadians. Feel free to double or even triple that number if you take into account that most millennials are active on multiple digital platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, blogs etc. Each social media account can offer you a unique chance at their new or return business.

Staying In Touch With Millennials Digitally

Were you aware that about 93 per cent of Canada’s millennial are on Facebook? While reaching out to all of them with your business is unlikely, it is not impossible. This means social media accounts, such as Facebook, allow you to personally connect with your clientele. Developing an online rapport can be crucial to establishing your brand loyalty.

Millennials grew up at the dawn of the digital age. This offers them a chance to connect with businesses in a way their predecessors couldn’t. For example, a millennial may follow your business on Google+. Instead of researching needed services, they can contact you directly because they are already aware that your business provides it. How do they automatically know this? You’ve told them! You reminded them last week via a post on your business’s Google+ page.

Millennials Can Take Your Business Anywhere They Go

Your business’s digital footprint should extend further than one’s home computer. Roughly 83 per cent of Canada’s millennial population have unplugged and are now using portable devices. These devices, such as tablets and smartphones, give users access to mobile applications that can link them directly to your business from almost anywhere. If your website and social media accounts are not current and/or relevant there is a good chance you’re going to lose business. Having a portable business means it must be able to provide instant and up-to-date information to the public.

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