The Way You Spend Your Digital Budget Determines How Many Patients You Attract.

With so many different practices out there — not to mention so many differing opinions and DIY diagnosing on the Internet— healthcare providers have to be creative in how they attract referrals and new patients, and how they maintain their current patient rosters.

As we’ve told you before, traditional methods of advertising — think direct mail, email lists, billboards, TV spots — are no longer reaching potential patients or resonating in the same way. In today’s super-saturated digital space, advertisers need to approach people in different ways and pull them in, as opposed to pushing information at them. In short, we call this inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing tactics range from social media promotion to opt-in email lists, organic search methods to content marketing. It also includes methods like display advertisements and paid search, like those small advertisements that pop up on the side of a web page that seem targeted just for you or those suggested sites that appear first when you are Googling something.

For companies in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries in the U.S., digital spend on paid search and display advertisements is set to increase by 13.2% per year from 2015 to 2020, higher than the industry average of 12% per year. According to eMarketer, these U.S. industries spent a combined $1.67 billion USD in 2015, a number that was projected to increase to $1.93 billion in 2016 and will jump to $3.10 billion by 2020.

So, where is the majority of this budget spend going? eMarketer reports that the spend is split down the middle for paid search and display advertising, and that much of this is aimed directly at consumers or patients.

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