A mobile phone with stethoscope wrapped round it. Problem diagnosis concept

Where a gap between physician and patient exists, health tools are available to bridge it.

According to recent statistics released by Research Now, of all the U.S. adults currently using mobile health apps, 56.6% are sharing their tracked healthcare information with their doctors. With increasing sources of information at their fingertips, patients are turning to these apps for a multitude of health reasons. It is becoming commonplace for individuals to track and record workouts and monitor diets, health conditions, stress, sleep and medication intake.

In 2015, Kelton Research (KR) and Makovsky Health reported that an increase of interest in apps to manage health had begun to unfold and thus began the possibility of linking doctors and patients through these devices. In fact, 28% of respondents said that they would use these apps to communicate with doctors, and 27% would store questions about their conditions for future visits.

These mobile apps (in particular wearables) present the unique opportunity for doctors to collect patient info, and as the recent data suggests, users are willing to share this data with physicians. The KR and Makovsky study stated that approximately 20% of users would wear a device that managed their health in order to open better channels of communication with their doctors.

Since most individuals who use health trackers do so frequently, these devices have become a highly reliable source to pool various amounts of data that pertain to the individuals’ daily lives and habits.

Beyond collecting data from patients, these mobile tools can also be used as an additional source of healthcare marketing. Individuals in the healthcare field can promote their products, services and brands through these tools. The digital sphere is always evolving and it is in the best interest of healthcare providers to adapt with the times.

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