Build your brand, increase your visibility and market share, drive sales

Since our inception, Whitehead Agency Group has designed, developed and executed high-impact marketing communications efforts to meet the demands of today’s sophisticated market … from increasing brand awareness and stimulating consumer awareness and physician demand to promoting key regulatory milestones.

Our experience covers a diverse range of some of the most innovative and exciting medical equipment and device companies. From wheelchairs to HIV diagnostics and from hearing aids to substance abuse testing, our experience covers a full spectrum of healthcare applications ranging from professional clinical use to direct consumer application.

Our abilities stem from the unique health science background of our president, Bill Whitehead, and the invaluable contribution from our medical advisory — many of whom have professional firsthand experience related to the products which we market.

How We Can Help:

Brand Building and Brand Repositioning

Through our unique creative process, we determine the critical features that make each brand different and unique. We then cut through the clutter with messaging that reaches consumers and patients to better educate and communicate who you are, what makes you unique and why your market needs you. Thus by effectively introducing, promoting or repositioning your healthcare brand, we’ll build your brand, reputation and overall awareness.

Award-Winning Website Development

Our capability runs the full range, from simple landing pages to complete websites with content management systems and e-commerce. Our websites win awards, but more importantly, they act as powerful magnets for customer inquiries, conversion and sales.

Expert SEO and Content Development

One of the keys to attracting and keeping quality traffic is targeted content that has been optimized for search. We can help position you at the forefront of search results to build website visibility and meaningful traffic.

Traditional Offline Marketing

There is a strategic reason to employ direct mail, attend trade shows and engage other offline traditional marketing tactics as part of an integrated marketing effort. We’ll show you how!

Free Marketing Consultation

How can we help you? The easiest way to find out is to talk to us. We would be pleased to set up a brief exploratory, no-cost, no-obligation phone call.
We will discuss your needs and the steps we would take to increase brand awareness, maximize web traffic and conversion, engage your followers and boost patient attraction with healthcare marketing services that click!