As a way to respond to the increasing consumer market, more and more businesses are shifting their marketing strategies towards mobile devices. As the number of consumers-on-the-go increase, so do the use of mobile devices. According to a recent Nielson study, smartphone usage has spiked more than 20 percentage points among mobile users between the ages of 13 and 34 in the past year alone.

According to the Association of National Advertisers, the use of mobile marketing has seen a shape increase of more than 40% in the last two years. This increase is partly due to marketers becoming aware of the relevancy of location, something that was once not even a consideration. There was a time when media advertising was planned, bought and sold around other factors such as what you’re interested in, not where you’re  located.

This has changed as the role of marketing shifts to entice consumers. Offering discounts and small rewards online for consumers who spend a certain amount or who drop by to look (who view the promotion) has proven extremely successful. These discounts and rewards, which are offered exclusively online through mobile devices, have proven to be a great motivator to entice consumers to stop by the storefront.

There are numerous mobile applications that businesses can utilize. These allow customers to check in, complete challenges or even post photos at specific locations to receive bonuses, cash discounts for future purchases, or to redeem points. Depending on your business, offers such as ‘$5 off the next purchase of $25 or more’ are valuable to many consumers. There is also the option to redeem points for a free beverage or small food item for restaurants and other food-related businesses. This can be the factor that encourages customers to choose you over a competitor.

Regardless of your business, it’s important to offer more location-based services for consumers to use on mobile applications. The challenge then rests with the businesses to make their business, their product, their brand, themselves, more relevant than intrusive. This is where hiring a professional mobile marketing company can be beneficial.

It’s important to understand the concept of mobile marketing before you can begin to understand how it can work for you. They want to be able to get what they want, when they want it, and from where they’re located. They don’t want to have to trek across the nation to obtain a product or service, let alone redeem points or cash in on a great deal.

Mobile marketing companies who understand the relationship between the consumer and businesses will be able to help sort out the wants from the needs.  Ensure your business has an efficient and effective mobile application that works best for your company.

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