Savvy webmasters know how to achieve the highest Google search rankings. These are achieved through a somewhat complicated process known as search engine optimization. It is what allows some websites to rise to the top of the page in any given search and keep others wasting away close to the bottom.

SEO uses keyword research and keyword placement along with specific content development and site structure optimization to boost a website’s rankings in the search engines. Because it has become a more and more popular choice to use SEO — and indeed with the release of Google’s new Panda algorithm, it has become essential — the process of SEO has become extremely competitive in recent years. Almost every webmaster now realizes and understands that higher search engine rankings translate to greater site traffic. When SEO is properly utilized, it can dramatically affect a site’s general success, thus increasing a brand’s awareness as well as sales.

To best understand SEO, first gather a general understanding of how search engines function. Every search engine has a secret system but all use a similar process to gather information and rank it.

The first step every search engine goes through is something known as “crawling”. Search engines use programs that are automated and look at the Internet regularly to gather information from the millions of meta files, hyperlinks, alt tags and body copy they encounter. These programs are known as spiders. Once the spiders have gathered all the information, the search engine will then go through the process of indexing it and storing it on huge databases.

Next, the search engine will process search queries which are submitted by people conducting searches in the form of keywords. Once those keywords have been detected in a website, the site will be returned as part of the search results, which are then ranked by the search engine. All ranks are determined by a set of algorithms which sort the sites according to their relevance and popularity based on the submitted keywords. The more times the keyword appears in the site, the higher the relevance it is assigned by the search engine.

A site’s popularity is determined by the number of both inbound and outbound links which are found on the site as well as the age of the site. Sites that have more links both to and from other high-quality sites which are also determined to be relevant are given a higher ranking because of their credibility.

SEO plans that are well-researched and well-planned can save a great amount of time over the long run. They will also produce higher search engine rankings for your website and this will ultimately attract more visitors to your site.

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