The Use of Mobile Devices in Doctors’ Offices Is On The Rise

While many patients have gotten used to the presence of computers and laptops in doctors’ offices, research suggests that they will also start noticing an increase in mobile devices. A study conducted by EPG Health Media in 2014 states that 99% of healthcare professionals worldwide used a computer or laptop for work-related activities on a daily basis, while 82% of respondents used a mobile phone for professional reasons at least once a day. The study also revealed that 62% of the individuals polled used tablets at least once a day for professional endeavours.
Although mobile devices are not an everyday occurrence in examination rooms, the study still showed that around one-third of respondents used a mobile phone for at least one hour a day for work purposes, with a similar percentage seeking out the use of a tablet device for approximately one hour a day.

Seventy-nine percent of U.S. physicians polled by Kantar Health reported the use of smartphones for professional reasons and 51% used tablets. These percentages have risen from 68% and 24%, respectively, in 2012.

Devices aside, when healthcare professionals spend time in the digital sphere they’re likely looking at professional or educational content. EPG Health Media’s study revealed that approximately one-third of the individuals polled were accessing independent medical websites or medical news online on a daily basis. In terms of weekly usage, journal articles held the majority, with 52% of healthcare professionals using this content, while 41% were viewing medical news.

This information becomes important for those trying to market to healthcare professionals, because it tells them that they must have a website that is mobile responsive. If those in the healthcare field are gravitating towards mobile usage, marketing efforts must follow suit.

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