The Demand For Digital Healthcare Services Is On The Rise.

Performing an online search for health information is almost de rigueur in Canada, just as it is in many developed internet markets. According to the Harris/Decima polling done for Canada Health Infoway, almost 75% of internet users searched the web for health information as of September 2013, while 15% used a mobile health app.


 In March 2014, Canada Health Infoway followed up the survey by asking internet users in Canada more details about the kinds of digital healthcare services they currently used, as well as what they might be interested in accessing in the future. The 2014 survey showed that true “healthcare services” were used online quite rarely: Only 10% of internet users reported making medical appointments online; 7% of users had requested prescription renewals electronically; and 6% of users had accessed their medical records electronically.

Interestingly, the report showed that the most desired health function on the web was the ability to access medical lab results and electronic health records (EHRs) securely online — in fact, more than six in ten internet users reported that they would like to access this information digitally. Another popular wish was to make doctor’s appointments online (the survey showed that61% of internet users wish to do so) .

These surveys demonstrate that, although the overall usage of these services is lower at the moment, there is high demand for digital healthcare services in Canada.

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