It’s now the fastest-selling smartphone: the iPhone 5 was released on September 12 to more than 2 million buyers in the first 24 hours. Understanding new changes in mobile devices is important for having an effective mobile marketing strategy, so we’ve compiled some highlights to help you keep up with the trends:

  • It’s thinner and lighter. At 7.6mm, it’s actually now the thinnest smartphone on the market!
  • Instead of glass which could crack when dropped, the iPhone 5 is made of aluminum which also helps to prevent fingerprints all over the backing.
  • It has a bigger screen which means we can deliver more marketing content, while still ensuring an enjoyable viewing experience for users. It’s not any wider though – just longer – so many reviewers agree it’s still very comfortable to hold and use with one hand. Keeping this width was also important for maintaining a 16:9 aspect ratio; this is ideal for watching videos, especially as many HDTV videos have the same ratio.
  • It runs on LTE networks where available. A few Android phones were already on this network, which is the fastest available in North America, so Apple is playing catch-up with this one.
  • It has a better camera, which touts better low-light performance. It also has an added panorama mode. The camera is smaller though, so that’s how Apple was able to keep the weight down.
  • After Apple ended its agreement to use Google Maps, the new iPhone has its own map technology. It allows turn-by-turn navigation as well as 3D renditions of cities and buildings (Google maps also already have this capability). Users may be accustomed to Google maps, so customers might wish it was still an option on the iPhone; on the other hand, Apple’s maps are perhaps better integrated because it’s not a separate product.
  • The new Passbook app allows you to collect coupons, tickets and boarding passes.
  • The battery lasts longer as well.

The downside of the new iPhone? It has a new plug, which means all the existing accessories won’t fit anymore. That means existing users will need to buy new accessories or an adaptor.

Other reviews also criticize that this new release doesn’t put the iPhone ahead of any other smartphones on the market; rather, it is only now comparable to other smartphones that are already on the market.

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