The use of mobile devices is growing, but marketing for mobile platforms isn’t – why not? Even with all the statistics that are being published? For example, one study says the typical mobile user is checking their phone 150 times per day. A study in New Zealand found that the average text message is read in four minutes, whereas the average e-mail is read in 48 hours! It should seem reasonable that marketing efforts be targeted to where the audience is focusing their attention.

So why aren’t strategists adapting their marketing for the mobile platform? One of the most cited reasons is that the teams don’t have the budget to add a mobile strategy into their overall plans. And with that, they don’t have the resources to allocate additional staff to research and implement mobile marketing. It’s certainly a challenge to learn all the components associated with mobile marketing; it’s not only web tactics and social media tools, but it’s also about understand mobile devices and all the technological capabilities behind them. Figuring out how to integrate all these components is daunting, along with keeping up with all the upgrades and updates that change technology so quickly.

It’s also tough for companies to measure and analyze all the data that is gained from mobile marketing insights. There is so much information about users and their preferences. And because it’s overwhelming to understand the return on investment, it’s also hard to articulate to executives why marketing needs to allocate more resources into a mobile strategy.

But this is perhaps part of the problem. Instead of trying to tack on mobile tactics onto the end of a marketing plan, it should already be part of the strategy – a necessary component that cannot be negotiated out of the plan. Considerations for mobile users should span across all of a company’s departments.

There are a few simple to-do’s that will get your company on track for being optimized to mobile users:

  • Register your business with online directories such as Yelp and FourSquare
  • Make sure your site is easy-to-read on mobile devices. This goes a long way to keeping a visitor on your site.
  • Find out where your competitors are investing their mobile strategies.

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