Why Frequently Updating Your Website Is Imperative

Why Frequently Updating Your Website Is Imperative

A Healthy Website Is The Key To A Successful Healthcare Business.

Technology moves quickly; there’s no denying it. Remember just a few years ago when Blue-ray players were all the rage, or when your iPhone 5 was the freshest product on the market?

The same can be said for websites. Websites that were designed even three or four years ago can now look dated, from fonts to layout to navigation. What does this mean?

You could miss out on potential patients because you’ve neglected your website.

The average human attention span is estimated at eight seconds, so if your site takes that long to load or more, your visitors have likely moved on. Similarly, if your site is harder to navigate than a cobblestone laneway at night, chances are a potential patient has already x’d out, deeming it too difficult to find out information about your offerings, fees or location.

Another big killer? Mobile compatibility. Research shows that 56% of research is now coming from mobile devices, and that 64% of conversions (i.e., people signing up for that newsletter, downloading that ebook, making a purchase, setting an appointment — whatever it is you want them to do when they land on your site) are coming from mobile users. But what if your website doesn’t show up well on a smartphone? Many companies mistakenly believe they need an app to be competitive in the mobile market, but really what they need is a website that is compatible to mobile devices. If they’re not? The user will close his browser.

Yes, in times like these, your website needs some reconstructive surgery. But how do you know when it’s time to do that and how to proceed?

Some symptoms of an outdated website can be seen on the outside — outdated designs, slow load times, incompatibility with mobile devices, lack of integration with social media websites. But some symptoms are more internal — poor search engine rankings, browser incompatibility, bugs and breaks on the back end. And guess what? All of these symptoms will affect your ability to attract and land new patients.

Luckily, the web doctors at Whitehead Agency Group are here to help. Download our free guide, 7 Signs Your Website Needs a Facelift, or give us a call today at (416) 365-6884 to schedule a free audit of your site. Trust us, you can’t afford to wait.


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