Have you searched online for your business recently? Using search engines to track your business name online allows you to stay up-to-date with what your customers see when they search you, and what they might be posting online in regards to your business. It is important you remain informed through a careful review of the various websites, social media and forums that could relate to your site. If what people are saying about your business is positive, then you can use this insight to help you keep up the great work! Plus, it can help you establish a great baseline to help build a glowing positive reputation.

Also, you never know when one negative review will hurt you – reading negative information online may deter someone from purchasing a product or service recommended to them, so it’s important to stay in the know when it comes to your reputation. Monitoring your online reputation becomes most critical when consumers are affiliating your business name with negative comments or reviews. That’s because those negative reviews may show up to other consumers who are researching your business online.

“Your Business Name”

Monitoring your actual business name is one of the most basic reputation management tips. Don’t worry if your business name isn’t completely unique. If you are one of many businesses with a similar name, you can set your monitoring program to look for mentions of your business name and terms in your local area, such as your neighborhood, city, or ZIP/Postal code.

“Your Bisuness Name”

Your consumers are human, and sometimes they make errors, especially if your business name has a unique spelling. Monitoring any common misspellings of your business name can help ensure that you are seeing all reviews that may be about your business so that you can address consumers who may have mistakenly spelled your name in a comment online.

“Your My Business Name” AND Reviews

Being aware what your consumers are saying about you in reviews is important because this can potentially help you identify and address both positive and negative comments about your business online. Mentions of your name with the keyword “review” are likely to come from a review site, so the comment may be seen as more credible by potential searchers looking into your business. In addition to monitoring this keyword through your system, you may also want to make sure to regularly check sites like Yelp or Citysearch  that are already ranking well in search results for your business when you do a search of the term “My Business Name” Reviews. That way, you will be able to see all of the reviews on that site in the same context that a consumer would view them – all together in one place with a star rating.

“Your Business Name” AND


Monitoring your business name along with negative keywords is an easy way to identify comments that you should respond to quickly and before they get out of hand. Some other common words you should look for include “scam,” “complaint,” “lie,” “terrible,” and  “bad” to list a few. Keep in mind that posts with these phrases may be emotionally driven, so it’s best to formulate a strategy to respond to negative posts and then do your best to address the issue.

“Your Business-Name, Inc.”

You should make sure your business name is formatted the same across all of your online and offline presence. However, if you know there are a few instances where your name might be formatted differently, you should still monitor for all variations of your business name. This can help you catch any online comments that may slip through otherwise.

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