To say healthcare marketing has gone through monumental change in the last decade is a massive understatement.  There is simply no comparison these days to yesterday’s modes of developing customer and brand awareness.  Add to it the fact that the digital playing field keeps evolving and changing – savvy healthcare service providers are adapting and keeping up, to their own, and their clients’ benefit.  

Let’s take a look at a few crucial and highly effective digital strategies that healthcare businesses are adopting to keep in front of both their customers eyes, and in front of the competition.

Expanding the Digital Footprint of Your Healthcare Service Offering

This is the dominant marketing playing field today – the internet dominates, for the simple reason that these days, folks’ eyeballs are tuned into whatever device happens to be nearby.  Traditional media still exist, to be sure – but – if your marketing efforts are not, at the very least, supported by a strong online presence, then you are losing out, especially against your competition.  They almost certainly are not ignoring the internet marketing opportunity, and indeed the necessity for a strong digital footprint.

Shifts in Digital Health Platforms

We’ve established the point that very frequently, your prospects and clients are going to use the internet first to research and evaluate their healthcare service options.  This means that your web pages, the very core of your online presence, should feature content and interactive capabilities which not only find you qualified leads, but also perform a valuable service to your existing and emerging clientele.  Such functionality should be targeted towards both your exterior customers – such as patients and their families, as well as interior customers, which include medical professionals such as doctors and other medical staff.  More and more, both these segments rely on digitally-based resources; not getting onboard with them leaves your business left out.

Among the most important of all the digital marketing innovations out there is video.  People want to not just read about, but also see and hear about the services your business provides – video is a powerful medium when properly executed.

Once you’ve established your web presence with interactive features, you should thing about expanding its reach.  For amplification of your digital marketing effort and content, nothing beats the use of social media to get the message out.

Social Media Strategies for Healthcare Service Businesses

While your website will be the platform where you can best digitally interact with your clients and prospects, social media is the definitive amplifier that can get your message heard. Combining your high quality web content with the popular, ubiquitous megaphones is crucial.  The major social media platforms include:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

These are the ones you should consider embracing as a start.  We’ve already mentioned that high quality video is a powerful medium – your YouTube presence, combined with these powerful social media platforms, can go a long way to lifting your brand or service above the crowd.  YouTube is the second most used search engine out there – linking to it can be invaluable to your visibility online.

The Digital Marketing Strategy for Your Healthcare Service

What we’ve mentioned here can form the basis of an effective digital marketing strategy for just about any healthcare-related business.  The goal is to reach more prospects, and turn them into repeat customers.  It takes some vision and work, but it’s proven and it works.

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