Local Ads Can Help Your Business Stand Out Online.

In the age of consumer-driven healthcare, it’s undeniable how important a good ranking on Google is for a healthcare brand. Those that want to stand out need to make an effort towards increasing their visibility online, but it can prove to be a challenge without having a spot in Google’s 3-pack listing. Thankfully, Google has introduced changes to its local search ads that are geared towards helping increase small businesses’ visibility online. Now when a user searches for a local business, Google’s Local Finder will feature local ads in the expanded list of businesses.

Local search ads are marked with an “Ad” label and will appear on mobile devices, desktop sites, tablets and the Google Maps app. Ads in Google’s Local Finder use AdWords location extensions just like Google Maps, but businesses featured in Local Finder results won’t get a promoted pin on the map.

This is following Google’s previous changes to the 3-pack listing, when it first introduced local search ads in the 3-pack alongside promoted “pins” or “locations.” According to Google, these changes are focused on helping local businesses drive more traffic to their physical locations and will help increase their visibility when consumers are searching for a specific product or service.

For healthcare marketers, practitioners and patients alike, local search ads are a goldmine. They can connect you with prospective patients in your area at times when they’re searching for a local business, which can be critical for a start-up practice or a doctor who’s new to the neighbourhood. If a prospective patient moves to a new area and is looking for an optometrist, they’ll likely search Google for “optometrist” or “eye doctor near me.” When they see Google’s 3-pack listing, they have the option of seeing more local businesses that match these search criteria. When they click on “More Places,” your business would be listed at the very top along with your business hours, website and contact information.

With the addition of ads in the Local Finder, not only will patients be able to find the physicians they’re looking for, but they’ll also be able to see their business hours, phone numbers, email addresses, websites and any reviews that have been posted. Not only that, but studies show that over 60% of consumers have used local information in ads, and they show a clear preference towards engaging with ads personalized to their surroundings (using the “Call” and “Directions” buttons). It’s proven to be an effective way for businesses to gain more exposure, and healthcare brands that were once buried under larger or older business names on Google Maps searches now have a chance to stand out from the competition. Considering that over 50% of searches are now done on mobile, it’s no wonder that this change has been getting marketers excited.

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