Almost two-thirds of web consumers will be mobile-phone internet users by 2018 in Canada.

More than half of the overall Canadian population will use the internet on their mobile phones at least monthly this year, according to eMarketer. Similarly, the U.S. will also pass the halfway mark this year, according to the latest eMarketer estimates of mobile phone usage patters around the world.


As seen in this estimate, by the end of 2018, nearly two-thirds of all Canadian web consumers will use either a mobile browser or app to access the internet on their phones on a monthly basis. The mobile-phone internet penetration rates in Canada will remain slightly lower than in the U.S. throughout the forecasted period (2012–2018).

Fifty percent penetration adds up to approximately 17.7 million people — that is the number of web consumers who will be mobile-phone internet users in Canada. This number demonstrates a 17.7% increase over the numbers in 2013, when 15 million people in Canada went online on their phones. Thus, the mobile-phone internet population in Canada is growing slightly quicker than that in the U.S., but penetration will be fairly high by 2018, with the estimated growth of 5.1% that year.


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