Digital Health Solutions Are Becoming The Future of Healthcare.

As consumers become increasingly more reliant upon their digital devices, the partnership between healthcare and technology has become even more important. Pharmaceutical firms, healthcare providers (HCPs) and other invested tech field parties have been working for years to launch tools that combine the need to inform and educate patients, leading to better health.

Known as “beyond the pill” or “around the pill” tools in the early days, they started out as simple informational websites and basic apps to provide quick access to information about health problems and potential solutions. But with tech growth moving exponentially fast, “the last three years have seen a pretty big shift from digital marketing to using technology to enhance patient outcomes” says Amy Landucci, head of digital medicine at Novartis.

Today’s digital health solutions are more intensive in the information they both give and receive. Beyond-the-pill tools monitor and analyze healthcare information, can improve medication adherence, predict medical crises, use advance technology to streamline medical care and more.

Mobile technology, the IoT and AI are three of the technologies making this possible. The research shows that it’s working and consumers are responding. A March 2016 poll found that non-medical mobile apps and wearable fitness trackers were the most common digital health tools used by US digital health app users.

Where the patients go, physicians will follow. A survey of US doctors showed that the majority of respondents know of health-related apps and would recommend them to their patients. Another survey found that physicians believed their chronically ill patients would benefit the most from mobile health and fitness tools to both manage and monitor their illnesses.

While there are occasionally concerns about cost and safety, the advantages to the patients, both in the long and short term outweigh any potential downsides.

From clinical care and beyond, traditional healthcare providers and mobile health professionals expect the usage to grow significantly over the next few years as IoT gains ground.

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