The numbers continue to climb, readers continue to grow, and revenues continue to increase. To anyone with a medical business, these words caught your attention. These words most certainly have caught the attention of thousands of other medical businesses across the globe as more and more people catch on to the benefits of mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing facts

It’s a fact that the age of mobility has long since arrived, and let’s face it, it’s here to stay. Numerous statistical studies come back time and time again with the facts; the worldwide use of mobile devices continues to grow.

According to the result of a recent IDC study, manufacturers can expect a continued increase in the worldwide sale of mobile devices. IDC predicts that individual mobile units will grow from 173.5 million devices, which were the 2009 figures, to 270 million units in 2012. The numbers get better.

This figure is accompanied by projected mobile advertiser spending. Get this: the highly acclaimed research firm Gartner produced a study that found US businesses in 2007 spent $1.7 billion on mobile advertising. By 2011, this number had already risen to $12.8 billion, resulting in an increase of 758%. One can only imagine the possibilities for 2012.

How is mobile marketing beneficial to your medical practice?

Every medical practice wishing to stand out above the competition and succeed in today’s world should have at least one foot in the mobile marketing door. The reason for this is the efficiency and effectiveness of mobile marketing.

Here are only some reasons to get onboard with mobile marketing:

  • Smartphone usage increases every day
  • Mobile advertising will allow you to be found on mobile phones
  • You will be part of the revolution of the new way to communicate with current and potential patients.
  • You will increase sales for your business
  • Paper advertising in the form of coupons, phone books and flyers are virtually nonexistent
  • Mobile marketing is an ideal way to optimize your conversion and market share
  • Consumers use their mobile phones to find the number for the medical services they need. Whether it’s a planned visit or an emergency, patients will search their mobile phone for your number.
  • Mobile advertising not only allows you to communicate with your current patients, you will also be able to target the exact patients in your area.

How to target customers with mobile marketing

First, you need to exist in the mobile world. This means you should have:

  • A mobile friendly website
  • Visibility on the mobile web
  • Mobile coupons for medical and cosmetic practices
  • SMS text message reminder campaigns

With these elements, your medical practice will be well on its way to attracting and targeting the patients you desire. When creating your mobile-friendly website, you will also want to keep several other elements in mind:

  • Entertainment is king. This means mobile users want to be entertained
  • Take your medical practice to social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Approximately 76% of mobile users use their devices to access social media sites while 73% use their mobile devices to access local information, news and reviews.
  • On average, consumers spend about 3+ hours a week on their mobile devices utilizing mobile media sites
  • Approximately 47% of mobile users are between the ages of 18 and 29 while 42% range in age from 30 to 49 and about 10% of mobile users are aged 50 to 64

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