Well we told you what your resolutions should be last year. They were good, attainable goals and we hope you followed through on one or two of them so that even if you didn’t lose a pound or didn’t learn to knit or never went SCUBA diving, you can still feel pretty good about your 2012.

This year we’ve decided that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, so we’re laying out resolutions for ourselves for 2013. Onward and upward!

Keep blogging. Not only does this blog gives us a great way to connect with you, our readers, and let our clients see what we’re up to or interested in on any given week, but it gives us an excuse to always be hunting down the latest digital marketing news, studies, insights, and innovations. We would do it anyway, of course, but it’s nice to be able to say ‘it’s for the blog.’ Not going to lie, this is any easy resolution to keep.

Get more mobile. If that last resolution is an easy one to keep, then this is an easy one to make. We want the best for our clients, always, and in 2013 that means that their businesses have to be accessible on any device at any time by anyone. We’re looking at the future of the Internet here, and it’s on a very small screen.

Be smart about social media. Being a good marketer means monitoring what other marketers are up to, and we’re not trying to be rude here, but we’ve seen some strange things on social media. Have you been on Google+ lately? Sometimes it feels like the only people on there are people trying to sell to each other.

Social media isn’t an elasticized hat. It’s not meant to fit all businesses the exact same way. Yes, we would recommend Facebook almost every time because it’s so great for organic interaction and customer service, but Twitter? Pinterest? Instagram? These are social media extras that may work for some—a resort posting pictures on Instagram, for example—but are potential time and money wasters for others. We resolve to be extra diligent this year to get the most for our clients out of social media.

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