collection of various pushpins on white background. each one is shot separately

If you run a business that depends at all on attracting a customer’s eye, whether it’s to a lush backyard designed by your landscaping business, the beachfront vista of your resort, or to the quirky, one-of-a-kind items in your boutique, the best thing you can do is stick a pin in it.

A pin on the Internet, we mean.

Perhaps we should explain.

You may have already heard of Pinterest. If not, Pinterest is a pin board-style social photo-sharing website. Picture a corkboard where you tack up images that have caught your eye. Pinterest is exactly that, only online, so not only is eat easily organized into categories, but it can be shared with anyone in your network.

Sounds cool, right? Now think about it from a marketing perspective. Sounds cooler, right? We think so.

All you need to find an appreciative audience on Pinterest are great photos and an idea of what kind of lifestyle your brand has to offer. The users will do the rest. If your business offers any sort of e-commerce, you seriously need to consider getting on-board. (Oh you bet that pun was intended.)

From July to December 2011, unique visitors to Pinterest grew 429% to 7.21 million. Perhaps more notably, total same-store referral traffic from Pinterest to five specialty apparel retailers rose 389% in that same period.

Though Pinterest is a bay on the Internet, barely two years old, it’s already fifth among social networking and forum websites in referral traffic, ahead of Google+. This is a very rare chance to get in on the already lofty ground floor of a social networking site that is undoubtedly going to get huge.

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