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Social media is a fit for businesses in most vertical markets. While retailers in the consumer space find success in offering discounts to gauge interest, business-to-business organizations require social media on a different level. To get their message across, start a communication network, and create awareness in their respective industries, social media is an excellent tool.

Using What You Know

Whitehead Agency Group of Toronto, ON, Canada is a full-service advertising firm. In business since 1989 the company handles the advertising and marketing needs of retail, healthcare, and hospitality professionals with a full box of tools. Initially it offered in traditional print advertising, design, direct mail, and public relations, but with the advent of the Internet the agency quickly recognized the power of the Web and today also works in Web site development and other online marketing aspects.

In 2007 Whitehead Agency Group realized the potential of social media—for both itself and its clients. “It became clear to us that visitors wanted to do more than just visit a Web site. Increasingly, they wanted to comment, share, and discuss what they were looking at. Social media networks that were coming into existence offered the ideal medium to cultivate a rich interaction with potential clients,” explains William Whitehead, president/creative director, Whitehead Agency Group.

With this new medium, a different way to interact with the customer appeared. As Whitehead explains it, it’s a feeling of one-on-one contact between a brand and a prospective customer. Feeling closely involved with a company and heard by its employees creates a powerful connection.

Today the agency relies primarily on its own blog, Twitter, and a business page of LinkedIn to reach its business audience. For its customers in the consumer side, they encourage the usage of Facebook and YouTube. Depending on the client, these sites are updated or posted to a maximum of twice per week.

According to Whitehead, effective messaging must be both sincere and believable. “Over posting meaningless information will quickly turn off followers. However, post too infrequently and they will forget you,” he warns.

Topics posted vary depending on the social media site. Tweets on Twitter mainly consist of special limited-time offers, such as a sale or special event. Facebook on the other hand is ideal for contests and promotions.

The agency offers several tips to small businesses not yet in the social media sphere. For LinkedIn a business profile creates credibility, showing all of your services and joining relevant groups is a great way to get out there. Also, posting a company logo on the site is ideal for brand recognition.

Facebook pages should be liked by your entire staff and all valuable business partners. Again logos should be updated and shown throughout the page, as well as any relevant information, articles, or statistics that will attract the visiting audience. Posting customer experiences, videos, and photos is another great way to show people a humanized side of the business.

Twitter beginners should first follow key audiences to get a feel for the site. Then post relevant information, similar to what is on their Facebook page, to link the two platforms. Tweeting live from events in real time and posting photos is ideal as is replying and commenting on others’ tweets.

Social media is all about communication. “It makes customers feel valued. Be genuine and don’t just promote your own brand; provide resources and information related to your business,” recommends Whitehead.

Whitehead Agency Group’s main stance on social media is that it’s only 20 percent self promotion, the other 80 percent should be about providing value to the customer through entertainment, information, solutions, and offers. Based on its own studies, humor and inspiration are the most popular type of sharable content.

The firm’s research shows its commitment to the changing sphere of communication. Social media is not just a trend, but something firmly rooted in our way of life and business. Small businesses must embrace social media as a marketing strategy—but not in the traditional sense. As Whitehead Agency Group believes, marketing via social media means providing value that creates an influential dialogue between current and potential customers.

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