Canada’s oldest and largest network of Canadian advertising and marketing communication agencies, the Trans-Canada Advertising Agency Network (T-CAAN), celebrated its 50th year in June and held its Annual Conference in Victoria, B.C.- May 30th to June 3, 2012.  This was also the first time that T-CAAN has met in Victoria.

Whitehead Agency Group a long-standing member of T-CAAN, organized and hosted the conference. Agency Chairman, Bill Whitehead, Sr. is the founder.

The Trans-Canada Advertising Agency Network was formed in 1963 by five advertising agencies located in: Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Halifax.

Today, T-CAAN as it has become known, has 24 exclusive Canadian market members from coast-to-coast, the Yukon and Northwest Territories, with associates in the USA, Caribbean, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Japan. Collectively T-CAAN represents client advertising and marketing spending over $500 million.

Each year, T-CAAN holds its Annual Conference in a different Canadian market. Member agencies meet to discuss topics related to the advertising agency business, management practices and overall business trends.

This conference also marked the retirement of Bill Whitehead, Sr. T-CAAN Founder. Commenting on the success of T-CAAN: “No one gave us a chance and the notion that agency practitioners could come together to share and learn from each other was considered a joke fifty years ago. There was no other professional association that the small agency owner could join in.  What has remained fundamental, however, is that T-CAAN is network of owner-practitioners… not an association, corporation, society or institute and its main strength has been self-help and sharing.”

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