By now you’ve hopefully read Introduction to Marketing Attribution as well as Three Benefits of Marketing Attribution. You may or may not have noticed, we’re pretty big fans. But what series would be complete without having a look at the other side of the coin?

Our clients are wonderfully unique. We work with everyone from Mom-and-Pop Shop organizations to full-on corporate conglomerates. Everyone’s marketing goals and needs are different and we’d never recommend a one-size-fits-all approach. It’s true, we think marketing attribution is an extraordinary marketing tool. And although you might hear other marketing professionals say it’s the be-all and end-all of marketing, you’ll never hear it from us.

Before making the switch to marketing attribution, it’s best if you take an honest look at your organization and decide if it’s something you’re ready to do. Here are three possible marketing attribution drawbacks, and, more importantly, what your company can do to avoid them.

Possible Problem:

Your company pursues a marketing attribution model before everyone in the organization is ready

As much as business is about numbers and data, it’s also about people. You’ve worked hard to build your team and it’s full of employees you value and trust. The increased accountability marketing attribution brings could highlight aspects of your marketing plans that haven’t been working well and, unfortunately,  the person or team behind such plans will be shown their hard work has been for naught.

The Solution:

Prepare your organization to look at marketing in a holistic way

First of all, it should be made clear your business is a team effort. For instance, if e-mail marketing is succeeding, the entire marketing team is succeeding. And if the new mobile website has been drawing more requests for information, that’s a win for the entire organization. However, now is also the time to re-focus your marketing efforts based on your specific marketing goals – which is where marketing attribution comes into play. Make it clear how you believe in your talented team and don’t want to squander their abilities.

Possible Problem:

A marketing attribution model is created that only examines a single channel

As we’ve mentioned before, one benefit of marketing attribution is it helps your organization better understand how your different digital channels work together. Some people get so excited about a new marketing tool that they’ll eagerly hop on board but don’t take the time to learn – and make adequate use of – the new features. In short, they use it the same way they were using the old method. If marketing attribution is only going to be used to track which keyword searches bring people to your contact page, you may as well stick with the last-click model; it’s doing everything you need it to.

The Solution:

Look at the big picture

Marketing attribution will provide you with all sorts of insights. In fact, for every sale or ‘conversion’ achieved through digital channels, you’ll be able to look at everything that went into it for up to 30 days before the sale or conversion even occurred. And if you have access to this information, why wouldn’t you use it? You’ll be able to see the research your customer did on your brand, products and your competition, you’ll see their interactions with your social media as well as how long it took your customer to make the purchase –it’s marketing strategy gold.

Possible Problem:

You’ve used marketing attribution to create complex models…that no one can understand

We’re not going to pretend this stuff is simple. Marketing attribution processes and presents all sorts of data, and it will take a marketing professional to synthesize it into something usable like an ROI report or an outline of where your marketing money should be allocated.

The Solution:

Make your marketing attribution model a priority for at least one person

If you have the capability in-house, you’ll want to assign your marketing attribution to someone who can keep a close eye on it and adjust your marketing budget and plans as you go. If you don’t have the capability in-house then, plainly, hire someone. Any excellent marketing agency will have a broad and in-depth understanding of marketing attribution and what it can do for your company.

For more information on marketing attribution, see our past blog articles An Introduction to Marketing Attribution and Three Benefits of Marketing Attribution. Up next, in the final installment of the series, we’ll be telling you how to actually use marketing attribution with tips straight from Google.

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