A couple of months ago, Google introduced Content Experiments. If you haven’t heard about this new tool yet, here’s a little introduction to make it work for your business website. With Content Experiments, you’ll be able to test different versions of your website to find the most effective one – the one that will get you the best results to the goal you’re trying to achieve. And the tool is free.

This may remind you of Google’s Website Optimizer. Google actually reworked it and added some new features. It is now integrated into a tab within Google Analytics that will provide your business with a comprehensive network of tools to measure and test your website usability.

Here’s an example of how you would use Content Experiments: You’re a dentist with a website highlighting the services you offer. You want more of your patients to ask for one particular service – for example, custom mouth guards fittings. With the new Google Analytics tool, you can try different layouts of your website that promotes custom mouth guards: one version may feature a video about mouth guards, another version may have a paragraph of text detailing why mouth guards are beneficial, and a final version promotes mouth guards through a large photo and headline.

Google will then display the different versions to random samples of visitors who end up on your site. How do you tell which is the most effective version? The one with the highest percentage of visitors who end up purchasing custom mouth guard fitting services! This conversion rate is essential to measuring the success of your website.

So, the first step is to figure out what goals and calls-to-action you want to achieve through your website visitors. Then, use Content Experiments to find out what layouts allow you to best meet those goals. The tool will also give you its own layout suggestions that will improve a user’s experience on your site.

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