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Build your brand, increase your visibility and win more patients.

In the past, health and wellness services relied heavily on word-of-mouth and traditional marketing and media advertising strategies to attract new clients and patients.

Today, more and more people are turning online to research their medical options. Practices must change their approach to align with this new reality.

Our experience covers a diverse group of doctors and healthcare professionals in a wide range of specialties, including addiction, anti-aging, audiology, chiropractic, chronic pain, dentistry, dermatology, diabetes, dialysis, holistic medicine, occupational health & therapy, physiotherapy, plastic surgery and vision.

With over 25 years of marketing experience in the healthcare industry, here’s how we can help:

Strategic Brand Building

Through our unique creative process, we’ll determine what makes your brand unique and cut through the clutter with messaging that reaches consumers and patients, communicating who you are and why your market needs you. By effectively introducing, promoting or repositioning your healthcare brand, we’ll build your brand, reputation and overall awareness.

Award-Winning Website Development

We’ll design a commanding, fresh website that will act as a powerful magnet for new patients. Our capability runs the full range, from simple landing pages to complex content management systems and complete e-commerce websites. Of course, everything is optimized for efficient mobile use.

Expert SEO and Content Development

One of the keys to attracting and keeping quality traffic is targeted content that has been optimized for search. We’ll help position you at the forefront of search results to build website visibility and meaningful traffic. We will also write valuable, relevant content that not only helps to build your SEO but also drives your position as a thought leader in your industry.

Persuasive Social Media Management

We’ll set up and manage your profiles across social media platforms so you are communicating with potential patients in the right places. Our social media campaigns are personalized and designed just for you, so your messages hit home and drive engagement.

Professional Reputation Management

What your patients say about you matters. We’ll ensure you are set up on the right professional listings pages and cull the Internet to find all mentions of your practice. We’ll work to engage with your patients online and promote transparency and open communication, improving your online reputation one review at a time.

Impactful Interior Design, Signage & Collateral

We offer sage advice in the modernization of practices, including new interior design to help create health and wellness spaces tailored to the specific needs of each practice. We’ll develop eye-catching content for video presentations and traditional patient collateral and brochures. In addition, we’ll rejuvenate and unify the brand image in exterior signage.

How Can We Help Build Your Business?

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