Your organization’s reputation is an intangible asset. It’s imperative to have a good one, yet it’s so tough to measure. So how do you find out what people are saying about your business?

Start by monitoring your business name online. Search for your company name. You may find praise, or you may find negative reviews. You may see that customers are asking questions or suggesting new ideas. Your company name can be mentioned in articles, blogs, forums and reviews. Knowing what is being said means you can gauge perception and understand your company’s image in the public eye.

If the feedback is good, then keep doing what you’re doing. Thank your customers for their loyalty and praise. Bounce ideas off of them in discussion forums and show you’re always striving to be better.

If your company is being criticized, you’ll be able to respond quickly. Show that you’re open to constructive suggestions and that you’re always ready to improve. Customers demand transparency, and they appreciate when companies own up to their mistakes. They will be more likely to forgive and forget if you’re quick to acknowledge that changes need to be made. Especially in this social media era, people want immediate answers.

There are a number of tools that will help you easily monitor mentions of your company name online. First and foremost, Google Alerts is quick and easy to set up. Enter the search term (i.e. your company name) and check off how frequently you want to be alerted of new mentions.

Be sure to choose the right search terms. Remember that people typing in search terms can make spelling mistakes, so try a few common misspellings of your company name. Even search for your company name with an added ‘Inc.’ or ‘Corp.’ or ‘Ltd.’ just in case. Add in the word ‘review’ to your search term or even conduct a search using your company name with some negative words.

Finding some similarly-named companies is also useful; the reputation of these other companies could affect your image if someone mistakes one for the other. The goal is to understand the online landscape so that you’re equipped to respond to anything that comes your way. Be proactive about managing your reputation.

Monitor your key executives’ names. The president of the company is also the face of the organization. What is being said about top staff also affects your business reputation.

And start measuring. Once you start monitoring your company name, you can get a sense of how your company is perceived. Now start making changes to see how you can get more positive reviews and minimize the negative mentions. You can now track progress and even measure results of any campaigns by understanding how they affect your online reputation.

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