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How Technology Is Shaping the Future of Healthcare

Patient demand for a more seamless, immersive, and convenient healthcare experience has pushed providers to adopt new technologies and digital avenues that support patients long after they have left the medical office. Whereas past budgets were devoted to hospital infrastructure and clinical output, today’s consumer-driven healthcare system relies on new investments in consumer-friendly technologies to [...]

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Tech-Savvy Seniors Are Tapping into Healthcare

Let's Debunk a Few Myths about Seniors and Technology. There are many misconceptions about seniors and technology. Sure, they may have grown up in a time without smartphones, but the idea that seniors aren’t embracing technology is far from true. According to a recent study, 60% of seniors are regularly using computers and 40% [...]

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Marketing to Healthcare Influencers

Reach Your Audience With The Power of Influencers. This isn’t the first time that we’re hearing about how influencer marketing is a powerful business strategy. Instead of targeting one specific audience with their messages, businesses can reach out to key influencers in their industries to act as spokespeople for their brands. It’s been utilized [...]

The Marriage of Healthcare and Tech

Digital Health Solutions Are Becoming The Future of Healthcare. As consumers become increasingly more reliant upon their digital devices, the partnership between healthcare and technology has become even more important. Pharmaceutical firms, healthcare providers (HCPs) and other invested tech field parties have been working for years to launch tools that combine the need to inform and [...]

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How Google Analytics Can Help Your Brand Grow

Metrics. Analytics. Measuring results. Do you cringe when you hear these terms? Hey, we get it. Google Analytics can be hard to understand, and digging through pages of numbers can be a slog. But let us tell you: setting up a solid, advanced Google Analytics page is key to understanding how your website performs and [...]

Patient Feedback vs. Site Metrics: What Do Execs Prefer?

Do You Know How To Measure Your Marketing Success? Almost half of executives are unsure how to measure marketing success. According to a March 2016 survey by True North Custom, nearly 80% of US healthcare executives use website traffic as a tool to measure content marketing success. Second was time spent on website (57.1%) followed [...]

The Time for Social Media in Healthcare Is Now

Healthcare Brands Need To Focus On Building Their Online Presence. As digital communications become more and more integrated into our healthcare marketing, brands are more clearly beginning to recognize social media’s potential to improve the patient experience and the bottom line. Consequently, the time for active engagement is now. Social media — it’s a proven [...]

7 Key Strategies to Build Your Healthcare Brand in 2016

Optimize Your Website for Mobile Devices The average consumer checks his or her mobile device approximately 150 times a day. With more than 50% of all Internet activity currently taking place on phones and tablets it is imperative to have a website that is optimized for mobile. 7 Key Strategies to Build Your Healthcare Brand in [...]

Healthcare Marketing: Taking An Omnichannel Approach To Targeting Gen-X

Let's Look At How To Market To The Self-Reliant Patient. According to a new eMarketer report, “Healthcare Marketing to Generation X: Helping the ‘Self-Reliant’ Find Something to Depend Upon,” Gen-Xers are a uniquely powerful consumer group that is not to be overlooked. According to this report, Gen-Xers will become even more important to healthcare marketers [...]