Marketing Identity & Strategy

Chances are that you don’t spend much time thinking about your brand. You might not even know what it is; it doesn’t exist in a tangible form that you can readily touch or feel. Branding isn’t simply the products and services you offer. But one thing is certain—your brand is all that your clients and prospective clients know about you. More importantly, the strength of your brand singularly determines the results of your marketing programs, whether or not your website generates leads and, ultimately, the overall future of your business.

Our goal is to help separate you from your competition by creating your brand promise and unique point of differentiation. In other words, why should clients come to you and not someone else?

Through extensive research and analysis, including your existing market position and your competitors’ marketing activities, we uncover unique opportunities to help differentiate your brand and help it stand out in a meaningful way. Having established your brand strategy, we communicate it as an exciting, strategic visual identity.

Whether you require a strong initial brand impact for a new product or service or you have an existing brand that may need refreshing, we will create the blueprint for effective, brand-focused marketing activities.

Brand Experience Design Deliverables:

  • Brand Positioning
  • Symbols & Logo Design
  • Integrated Branding Programs
  • Brand Aesthetics
  • Interior Experience Design
  • Customer Experience Design
  • Way-Finding & Signage Design
  • Brand Standards Guides