How We Do What We Do

It is difficult to thoroughly detail what exactly we do as marketing communications, because we never do the same thing twice. Your brand and the challenges it faces are not exactly like anyone else’s, so we avoid cookie-cutter approaches.

Just as important, marketing technology is changing rapidly and quickly transforming healthcare marketing. Some of the accepted ways of motivating and reaching consumers were unheard of even a few years ago. Progress isn’t about to stand still and neither can we.

So instead, we’ll focus on the Agency’s process, which has guided our success for over 25 years. We apply this methodology to every new project we tackle. In short, we diagnose, prescribe, treat, evaluate and re-treat.


We start with a high-level analysis of your website. Using best-in-class tools, we examine two main areas – how well-constructed your website is and any potential technical issues. We then examine your keyword rankings for the main keywords reflected in your content. This analysis identifies any immediate challenges or deficiencies.

As we dig deeper into evaluating your brand concept, positioning, and your current communications tactics, we rely on our proprietary situation analysis and brand audit, which we have fine-tuned over two decades. We ask lots of questions and challenge preconceived ideas and notions. Through this process we create an accurate portrait of your prospects, growth potential, challenges, and communication requirements.


We then put our collective expertise to work analyzing the situation, identifying opportunities and developing the appropriate strategy. At this stage, we will also often involve our medical advisory.

With the newfound wisdom and insights, we develop an integrated online and offline strategy that reflects what makes you unique and your value proposition to reach the right audience at the right time.

The strategy also serves as the road map for the creative process, with messaging developed for all channels to reflect your brand promise.


We then initiate the communications plan, often in stages of low-cost tests prior to full implementation.


We leverage the most advanced data analytics available to continuously monitor the communications effort and to evaluate effectiveness and ROI.

Beyond just counting clicks, up to 500 crucial key performance metrics are tracked in real time. We instantly view insights from all marketing channels in a single, intuitive interface.


With an advanced understanding of how the communications effort is performing, specific tactics can be fine-tuned to maximize results and drive budget efficiencies.