Marketing Guide:
Introduction to Medical Tourism

You’ve likely heard the term “Medical tourism”, but what exactly is this growing trend in the global health care industry?

Our guide on Medical Tourism will let you in on what medical and wellness tourism is, the key motivators behind traveling for medical treatments, top procedures being done abroad, and future trends for the ever-growing phenomenon.

Medical Tourism Guide

Marketing Guide:
Introduction to Inbound Marketing

You already realize that traditional marketing avenues such as direct mail and television advertisements are no longer attracting your target market. So, how do you get potential customers and patients to your website?

With our help, you can get into head of your target market and attract them to your website through non-interruptive methods – the practice of inbound marketing.

Inbound Marketing Guide

Marketing Guide:
7 Important Trends in SEO for 2016

Want to know how to get your website to the top of the Google results list?

We’ll let you in on all the tips of the trade to organically drive traffic to your website, stand out online and attract new customer and patients. Learn about on-page SEO tags, local search, mobile optimization and more.

SEO Trends

Marketing Guide:
7 Trends in Healthcare Marketing

Want to stand out from the competition? Get in tune with the ever-changing trends in healthcare marketing.

From SEO to mobile, data analysis to social media, here are 7 key things you need to understand about the digital space and how it affects your marketing strategy.

Marketing Trends

Marketing Guide:
7 Reasons Why the Time for Social Media Is Now

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, what?

Social media is a powerful channel of two-way communication between brands and potential customers/patients. Learn how to humanize your brand and develop an effective social media strategy through multi-channel promotions, reputation management, competitor insights and more.

Social Media Marketing

Marketing Guide:
7 Signs Your Website Needs a Facelift

Website a bit outdated?

With an increase of competition in the healthcare industry, your brand needs to differentiate itself now more than ever. Learn when to refresh your website to attract the digital-savvy customer with insights on mobile optimization, user experience (UX), content creation and more.

Website facelift

Agency Brochure:
Healthcare Marketing That Clicks!

To convert casual website visitors into dedicated customers or patients, your brand needs a cohesive marketing plan uniquely tailored to your target audience.

Learn all our secrets to attracting more customers with a well-rounded marketing plan, focusing on creative, multimedia, public relations and more.  

Healthcare Marketing that Clicks