Whitehead Agency Group

Whitehead Agency Group is a leading Toronto, Ontario, healthcare marketing agency with more that 25 years of specialized healthcare marketing expertise. We bring healthcare to life — with marketing that clicks online and off.

Agency Team and Resources

We are master communicators; engaging people is at the heart of what we do. And while our DNA is hard to explain, our results become evident very quickly.

Some of us know technology inside and out. Some of us are wordsmiths and some of us have unique business sense. Collectively, we are a team of highly experienced storytellers uniquely capable of developing innovative marketing strategies that deliver big ideas and big results.

Bill Whitehead, M.A.P. | President & Creative Director

billwBill has 40+ years progressive experience in the advertising and marketing communications industry and has led Whitehead Agency Group for over two decades. His focus is branding, strategic planning, and creative development. Bill has a rich educational background in health sciences earned at McMaster University and University of Toronto and extensive experience working with a worldwide portfolio of clients in healthcare, medical tourism, and related fields.

In addition, Bill is Past President of the Society of Ontario Advertising Agencies (SOAA), and a regular guest speaker and contributing writer on marketing, technology, and a range of brand communications topics that relate to healthcare. Bill has a particular interest and focus on the application of AI to healthcare; and building brands that help people live healthier, happier lives.

Medical Advisory

medical-adviseWe might be the only agency in Canada with a medical advisory. Currently, 35 healthcare professionals comprised of doctors, dentists, nurses, and scientific researchers sit on our advisory board and offer sage advice covering a vast array of healthcare areas. They contribute significantly to our understanding of the patient perspective and to the high-impact healthcare marketing communications strategies Whitehead Agency Group develops.