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Whitehead Agency Group is one of Canada’s leading healthcare marketing teams. During our two plus decades of experience, we’ve worked with several hundred doctors and healthcare professionals and virtually every type and size of practice/clinic throughout North America and the Caribbean.

Our main areas of experience include: Cosmetic, Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, Medical Lasers, General Dentistry, Implant Dentistry, Endodontics, Physiotherapy/Chiropractic, Addiction/Mental Health, Pain Management, Audiology and General Wellness.

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The bottom line is We Get Patients. We are uniquely skilled at reaching, educating and motivating prospective patients – online, offline and mobile – to seek out, and purchase elective healthcare procedures.

In addition to building powerful brands for individual doctors and clinics, we have an equally impressive amount of experience marketing a diverse array of innovative medical equipment and diagnostic companies. From wheelchairs to HIV diagnostics, from hearing aids to drug testing equipment, our experience covers the complete spectrum of healthcare applications from professional/clinical use to direct consumer applications.

Our abilities stem from the strong health science background of our president Bill Whitehead and the invaluable contribution from our medical advisory team, with years of professional experience working and teaching in their field(s) and in relation to the products and services with which we are involved.

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